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Fitness in India

India is the ground zero of diabetes and heart ailments. Over the years especially after the Covid-19 pandemic more and more Indians realized the importance of fitness and health. They are prioritizing overall wellbeing alongside their financial wellbeing. Top 10% of the Indian families by overall family income are spending an average of USD 350-400 annually on fitness related needs. This is giving rise to companies like OneFitPlus.

However, most fitness centric brands in the Indian market are neglecting holistic wellbeing. A broken and sub-standard approach to customer satisfaction is one of the biggest impediments in the industry. Furthermore, there is an acute lack of personalization and most digital solutions available only provide a cookie-cutter approach to fitness.

OneFitPlus and its founder Mohit Mathur are trying to change this. OneFitPlus aspires to create an ecosystem of fitness solutions that would eventually lead to community building. Their operating philosophy rests on offering tech, health, and joy in a fully integrated and holistic wellness solution.

Inspiring Journey

Mohit was not born with a silver spoon. In fact, it is quite the opposite. He grew up in a middle class family where entrepreneurship takes back seat to stability and safety net provided by a traditional job. In many ways Mohit was a rebel who dared to dream and break out of the shackles of mediocrity.

Mohit went from waiting tables in hotels to getting an MBA degree from IIM-Ahmedabad and then to starting up OneFitPlus. This journey was arduous and he had to navigate choppy waters at every turn. He somehow managed to build an INR 150 Crore business with revenues doubling every year. Today, OneFitPlus is recognized as the #1 in the fitness equipment categories on India’s leading e-commerce platforms.

In this episode.. .

I spoke with Mohit about how he went from waiting tables to building an enduring fitness brand. We also talked about the failures he has faced in the run up to OneFitPlus. . Do not miss this super informative conversation.

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Episode 6