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Luck vs Hard Work & the success mantra

Episode 12

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Is it luck or just hard work that leads to success?

It is tough. Almost impossible even, to start something up, navigate the rough waters in the early days, tackle the teething problems, and build a lasting business. It requires a special kind of people to do this. Highly talented, hard-working and dedicated individuals. 

So no wonder that when successful people reflect on their journey they view their path to the top through the lens of inevitability. And when asked to explain how they achieved success most of them can readily tap into their deep memory and share the intimate details of various anecdotes that explains their extraordinary success. And because the overwhelming majority of successful people are in fact extremely talented and hardworking, they’ll find many ready examples of the long hours they logged, the many difficult problems they solved, and the many formidable opponents they vanquished.

But, what about luck? Surely it would have had an effect; No? How much of their success is attributable to what their ideas were and how hard have they worked to make those ideas into real businesses. And how much of it is attributable to the sheer circumstances of when, where and how they embarked on their unusual trajectories?

Being born into the family that you are born into, the schools you could afford to attend, the friends and partners you would meet: all these are enormously lucky things. So, I asked my guests, who are arguably some of India’s most successful entrepreneurs, whether or not they think they have been lucky. And if luck had any role to play in their astounding success.

In this episode

In the first of the two part series, we find out the answer to the age old question of whether it is luck or hardwork that entrepreneurs credit their successes to.

Part 1 covers Anand Anandkumar of Bugworks, PC Musthafa of ID Fresh Food, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda of Wakefit, Sairee Chahal of Sheroes and Manoj & Madhav Nuthakki of 42Hertz 

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Episode 12