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How Vijay Arisetty built India’s largest security management app – MyGate?

Episode 10

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Gallantry Award

Vijay Kumar Arisetty is now widely known as the founder of MyGate, the security management app. If you live in Bangalore or Hyderabad or one of the metros, chances are you have experienced MyGate. Either by giving your food delivery executive or your courier guy or your guest access to your community all through the MyGate app.

But, even before Vijay became one of the darlings of the tech startup ecosystem he had an eventful and extremely successful Air Force career. As a helicopter pilot in Indian Air Force he was based out of the Andamans. He played a pivotal role in saving literally hundreds of lives when the Indian Ocean Tsunami struck in 2004. For his selfless service Vijay was awarded the prestigious Shourya Chakra award for gallantry during peace time.

Instead of resting on these laurels Vijay constantly kept reinventing himself. He was fascinated with the tech startup scene and resolved to build a scalable tech startup. Thanks to his military discipline, he developed a methodical approach to achieve this. The company recently raised USD 56Mn from blue chip investors such as Tiger Global and has over 700 employees with presence in over 12 cities across the nation.

First Impressions

Before this interview I have never met Vijay. A young marketing professional Indrani at Prime Venture Partners introduced me to Vijay. I spoke with Vijay on a phone call and walked him through the format. From the get go it is very clear to me that Vijay is a thoroughbred. In a funny coincidence Vijay’s forefathers and my forefathers were both natives of Vizianagaram, a town near Vizag in Andhra.

In this episode…

I quizzed Vijay about his Air Force service, his memorable experiences there, his MBA journey and starting up after serving the motherland. I asked him about his fundraising experience and what’s in store for Mygate as it grows, literally on a day to day basis. Catch this and many more interesting musings in this episode.

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Episode 10