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Episode 8

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Indian Breakfast

We Indians are very particular about breakfast. It is hard to imagine starting our day without the savory Idly, Dosa, Vada and if you are a South Indian a cup of freshly brewed filter coffee too. We are also notoriously a fresh-food market, averse to any preservatives and additives. As a result this space has seen very little innovation and our mothers/fathers always relied on making the batter themselves. That is until the advent of ID Fresh Food led by PC Musthafa.

Started out by 5 cousins in 2006, ID Fresh Food today is an INR 1,500 Cr business with over 1,500 employees and spread across 28 cities. The company has also expanded to UAE and Saudi Arabia. Every day, the company makes over 60,000 kgs of idly dosa mix enough to make approximately 2 million idlys. We have not only welcomed ID into our kitchens but also made it a part of our lives.

First Impressions

I have known for almost 2 years now. Two years ago I reached out to him to invite him to speak at an event. He graciously agreed to come and speak at that event. But, I didn’t fully know his story then. When I dug a little deeper I came to know about his phenomenal story.

True grit is the phrase that comes to my mind when I am asked to describe PC Musthafa. His story is truly a rags to riches one and a testament to his perseverance and never quit attitude. How else would one describe somebody who went from being a daily wage laborer to an IIM graduate to building a company with over INR 300 crore in annual sales.

In this episode…

The story of ID Fresh Food in itself is a very special one too. To standardize and organize the Indian breakfast market by introducing pre-packaged Idli Dosa batter is truly disruptive. It seems very obvious now but as an idea many have dismissed it and even ridiculed it. As with many disruptive ideas it takes a visionary to visualize and execute it.

On today’s show PC traces his journey from being a school dropout who was struggling to get three meals a day to becoming Breakfast King of India. Catch this and many more interesting musings in this truly inspirational episode.

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Episode 8