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Making India fitter with Sameer of Healthkart

Episode 7

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Sports Nutrition in India

According to studies India’s dietary supplement market is expected to grow at 20% CAGR between 2015 and 2023. In the past decade Indians have become more fitness conscious and the demand for nutritional supplements such as protein, which accounts for 25% of the entire nutritional supplement market, is increasing at a quick pace. Until 2010, for a young nation that has taken a fancy to working out and physical fitness, there was an unhealthy choice between expensive imports and harmful knockoffs. Nutrition supplements as a category barely saw any product or business model innovation. And this has changed now, thanks in no small part to Healthkart & Muscleblaze.

Unlike the Pharma companies which dominated this market Healthkart took a direct to consumer approach and invested heavily in R&D to develop some of India’s best selling supplements. Healthkart with a 50:50 split between online and offline prioritize real-time feedback directly from its customers to build differentiated products. Today Healthkart is a company with revenues exceeding INR 250 crores a year and commands a 20% marketshare.

First Impressions

A good friend of mine Vasant Rao introduced me to Sameer. When I first explained the idea of this podcast he was very supportive and instantly agreed to be part of the show. I want to share with you an interesting incident that really sheds light on what kind of a person Sameer is. With Covid19 I was forced to do all my interviews remotely. So, I scheduled a session with Sameer. On the day of interview 5 minutes into the taping, my internet crashed. I was forced to reschedule the taping. Sameer without any hesitation carved out another hour of his time from his busy schedule the following week. This is when Sameer is dealing with the fallout and uncertainty arising from Covid19. I was really touched by this.

In this episode…

Sameer opens up about his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 10 when he sold Bhelpuris and Fruit chats in a local mela. He also described how IIT-Delhi has been a transformational experience for him. He also traced his journey back to India after ditching a six figure salary in one of the world’s leading Investment Banks.

This is without doubt one of the episodes where I had a lot of fun. Where did Sameer meet Prashant? How did the idea of Healthkart come about? Catch this and many more interesting musings in this inspiring episode.

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Episode 7