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Episode 6

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Startup Giving an Exit – A Rare Breed

Our startup ecosystem has grown from strength to strength in the last decade. The number of investors has increased across the early, mid, and growth stages. So has the amount of investments. In 2019, 664 companies have been funded and the growth stage has seen a 12% growth. However, an exit still eludes most startups. Barring a few exits like the Walmart acquisition of Flipkart, and like acquisition of Myntra and Freecharge there are few blockbuster exits.

So, whenever a startup scores an exit its a boost for not just the founders and investors of that startup but also for the entire startup ecosystem. 42Hertz founded by Manoj Nuthakki is one such example. Last year Cisco acquired 42Hertz in a multi-million dollar deal.

First Impressions

I know Manoj through a common friend. Manoj is a very affable and unassuming person despite achieving a lot. His humility does him good. He readily agreed to come on the show when I floated the idea with him. Manoj, when he was younger, used to skip school and mess around in his grand father’s factory. So, the employees there, used to give him puzzles to solve just to keep him busy. He was very fond of technology from a very young age and after graduating he did a stint at Microsoft in the US. He then returned to India to do his MBA from ISB. While everybody else in his cohort were frantically applying for jobs Manoj had other thoughts.

His brother Madhav a business graduate and unlike his brother had joined their family business for a bit before ultimately working at Target. Madhav is a prodigious keyboard player. He learnt playing keyboard by listening without any training. Madhav is outdoorsy while Manoj is the geek.

In this episode…

I ask the brothers about what motivated them to start 42Hertz and their journey ever since. We also talked about the advantages of brothers running a company, their childhood, and the influence of his father, mother and grand father on them. I loved this conversation with a down-to-earth and thoughtful Manoj and Madhav. I hope you do too.

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Episode 6