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Taking Chances with Chaitanya of Wakefit Mattresses

Episode 2

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‘Taking chances’ doesn’t always result in disproportionate success. It could also result in spectacular failures. But, a failure can become the catalyst for producing a new success and a new win. I am a huge fan of such stories of resilience and perseverance. I love them because they give us the power to hope for a better future even during trying times just as we find ourselves in today.

Today’s episode is all about taking chances. Wakefit Mattresses is a testament to the determination and resolve of its founders. Between the two of them, the founders, Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda have endured a total of 3 startup failures before they built Wakefit.

In the inaugural episode, I sat with Chaitanya, to track his journey from a failed startup founder to building one of India’s wildly successful D2C businesses with sales of over INR 250 Crores annually. 

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Episode 2