An Introduction to The Termsheet

Karteek Pulapaka, The Host

The stories of entrepreneurs are stories of hope and inspiration. Hope, because despite evidence to the contrary, it emboldens these otherwise ordinary people to dream of extraordinary things. Inspiration, because it’s just not enough to wish for something. They need to inspire others to see their vision, share their dreams and give life to that vision. 

Termsheet is an attempt to bring these stories of hope and inspiration to you. Termsheet is a podcast about the dreamers, innovators, over-achievers and their ideas that are building the tomorrow today. The Termsheet is just not about startups. It’s about celebrating the journey of the people who take chances and display true grit and resolve against formidable odds.

Taking chances doesn’t always result in disproportionate success. It could also result in spectacular failures. But, a failure can become the catalyst for producing a new success and a new win. I am a huge fan of such stories of resilience and perseverance. I love them because they give us the power to hope for a better future even during trying times just as we find ourselves in today.

But, as we at The Termsheet embark on this journey to help tell the stories of ground breaking founders, we want to accord these stories the respect and value they deserve. So we took a call not to subject our guests to poor telephonic conversations or misuse conferencing tools to record remote interviews. We also believe it is disrespectful to subject listeners to poorly recorded conversations. We strive to release an episode only after ensuring we did not compromise on the production quality of each episode. I think our ecosystem deserves this.

Come join me every Monday for stories of people who are reinventing themselves while changing the lives of millions around them.

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